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Hyenas… and more Lions

I was going back through images deciding what to process next and I came across some shots of a Hyena pack in Amboselli. I have mentioned the Hyenas before and posted at least one shot of one in the Serengeti, but wanted to go back and share a little more about our experiences with them. We saw the Spotted Hyena in  Amboselli, Sarara and the Serengeti. The images tonight are from Amboselli. We started hearing them before we saw them. Individual Hyenas were running in a the same general direction from all sides of us. They came together as a pack and chased an intruding pack out of their territory. They then went around remarking their territory by “pasting.”  (look it up if you are curious, but I won’t go into detail here.) Hyenas are actually at the top of the food chain and even animals like the Leopard are afraid of them.

Ok, that is enough on Hyenas for tonight. I just can’t leave this without adding a couple of new Lion pictures. These are from the pride of 15 we saw in Borana.

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