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Several months before we left to go on safari, I started following the news in the “Daily Nation”, a Kenyan newspaper, to monitor what was happening and how it might affect the trip. Kenya invaded Somalia to stop Al Shabaab and there was concern over possible retaliation in Nairobi. While we were there, we did see extraordinary security including an army unit patrolling a shopping center parking lot with AK-47’s. At Sarara Lodge, we were escorted by a ranger with a G-3 battle rifle whenever we left the main lodge. But the trip went without incident and we had a great time.

Now that we are back I still look at the Daily Nation when I come across the internet bookmark. Tonight, I saw a story that affected me greatly. It was a story about a 16-year-old girl who got good grades in her primary school and got good enough grades to go to secondary school. But her single mother could not raise the fees required to send her to the school. So she is working to help her mother support the family. Her job is crushing stones in to ballast with a small sledge-hammer. All because her mother couldn’t raise the $325 in school fees.  

I shot some images from the window of our Land Cruiser as we drove from Nairobi to the Mt. Kenya Safari Club that I am posting here. It will give you an idea of what life is for much of Kenya’s population. After you view them, take a look around you and consider how lucky we are.

I am going to find a way to pay the school fees for this girl. If you would like to help, email me at dave@davebardt.com.


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