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Wildlife Galleries

Before we left for Africa, I decided to offer prints for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to wildlife conservation and education in Africa. I have now posted the first 3 galleries with that intent. It was suggested that I set this up as a not-for-profit corporation and I am still looking into that, but it is a little more complicated than I was led to believe. Rather than delay further, I have posted these galleries. If I succeed in establishing the not-for-profit, I will switch these galleries over later.

The galleries include lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants, hippos and rhinos. I am offering 8″ x 12″ prints on photographic paper either individually or in your choice of 5 print portfolios of 5 . I can print larger images and on other media such as canvas or aluminum. Other images from the blog may also be available. Contact me to check on availability.  Remember a portion of the proceeds go to wildlife conservation and education so order for your friends and family too 😉

Lion Gallery

Giraffe & Zebra Gallery

Elephant, Hippo & Rhino Gallery

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