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Serara Lodge…Part 4

Ok, tonight I will finish up on Serara. I took a couple of days off from writing this after I found out that about 6 weeks before we got there, a Swiss woman was injured and her driver killed by thieves in the same general area we were in. I guess those G3’s the Rangers were carrying were pretty important. Had I known about the Swiss woman earlier, I might have asked for one of my own.

The images tonight are some of the smaller animals (and a giraffe). I don’t remember the correct name for the lizard but the colors were really interesting. The antelope is a Kirk’s Dik-Dik. Full grown it is about 2 feet long and weighs about 15 pounds. The little guy in the tree is a Bush Hyrax and the black and blue bird is a Vulturine Guinea Fowl. Reticulated Giraffe were pretty common in the area as well.


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