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Ok, I am way behind on this blog and not likely to catch up very soon. We have been on the go from 6 AM and finishing dinner around 9:30 every night so there hasn’t been a lot of time to process photos or write this blog. I will catch up, but we leave early in the morning to catch the first of 3 planes to get to Tanzania. I don’t think I will have internet there either so here is a quick up date and then I have to go pack. We left Amboseli and flew to Serara Lodge which was very nice. But the area had record rains and the vegetation was very high so it was hard to find animals. We did see some including a leopard at night. We also visited a native village that was a very interesting experience. They live in huts with roofs about 4 1/2 feet high with the walls sealed with mud made from cow manure.

We left Serara after 2 nights and flew to Borana lodge. We are staying in cabins here and they are great. So are the animals as the area is more open. We have seen Reticulated Giraffes, White and Black Rhinos, Water Buffalo, Hippos, Grevy and Common Zebra, Impala (not the Chevy) and most important, LION. Nancy has not tripped or had any other mishaps, but did manage to find the gift shop and add to the jewelry collection. Tomorrow, we fly to Wilson Airport to clear customs, change planes and fly to Mt. Kilimanjaro Airport to clear customs in Tanzania and then a third airplane to the Serengeti. That’s it for tonight, I have to pack. I will fill in more details later.


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