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Day 4…Christmas Eve

We finally have internet again so these are coming after the fact. I will catch up as quick as our schedule allows.

The morning started with breakfast with the giraffes. First Nancy slipped on the bottom step and ended up sitting on her butt on the floor. After breakfast, we fed the giraffes on the terrace. Nancy finally got one of the baby giraffes to eat out of her hand. Unfortunately, the person feeding the large giraffe next to it ran out of food and the giraffe swung her head around towards Nancy. The collision knocked Nancy 10 feet to her left.

We left Giraffe Manor this morning at around 10 AM and drove to Wilson Airport. This is the busiest airport south of the Sahara. It is primarily private and charter aircraft. We had to clear security just like we would for a scheduled carrier and then waited with our luggage on the edge of the ramp until our plane arrived. It was a short 40 minute flight to Namanga in a brand new Cessna Grand Caravan. We landed on a dirt airstrip with our vehicles waiting under a tree. There were no buildings at all. After loading up, we drove to Amboseli Camp which is a private, mobile camp that had been set up for us the day before. Each tent had twin beds, an indoor shower and bath and chairs and a desk out front. An evening game drive had us seeing Thompson Gazelles, Zebra, a Cheetah and Wildebeest. We found a single bull elephant in a swampy area up to his belly in water eating grass. He only had one tusk. Dinner was served in the dining tent after cocktails around the fire. I went to bed so tired, I never even downloaded photos.

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