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Christmas Day

Up this morning at 5:30- we went out with Derek Dames, our guide, to see the sun rise. Nancy kept calling it “sunset” because she hasn’t actually seen the sunrise in years. We continued on for a game drive and came across Spotted Hyena in a very big hurry. When we caught up with them they were in a territorial dispute with another group and had just chased them away. There were about 10 in the group, lead by one female. We also saw a lone Water Buck and more Zebra. On the way back into the camp, we found Black Faced Vervet Monkeys in the camp drinking from the wash-water supply. After breakfast, it was back out looking for game. With 8 of us, we were split into 2 Land Cruisers, one driven by Derek and the other by his son Tom. Each car had a Maasai spotter sitting up top and hatches in the roof to photograph from. I rode standing up sticking out of the hatch whenever the terrain was smooth enough.  We saw a lot of Common Zebra, Thompson Gazelle, Grant Gazelle and Wildebeest. Then back to the camp for lunch around 2 and tea at 4. After tea it was an evening drive where we saw a troop of Yellow Baboons and Zebra. We also found a herd of over 90 elephants that walked right in front of us on the road. We stopped on a hill made of lava rock from the eruption of Mt. Kilimanjaro, about 30 miles away.

Elizabeth Dames, Derek’s wife and Tom’s mother, was in camp with us and her other son Nick was visiting as well. She had decorated a Christmas Tree and after a dinner of turkey and ham, there were gifts for everyone. I had actually brought Elizabeth’s gift from Derek from the States as Amazon was not shipping the Kindle Touch out of the US yet. After dinner it was off to download pictures and bed.


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