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Day 2,,, Giraffe Manor, Kenya

We made it to Kenya today. We had some questions as to whether or  not we would when the BAA equivalent of our TSA basically unpacked all of Stanley and Eva’s carry on luggage.  We did meet up with Barbara and Craig in London and they were on our flight. That put 3 of the 4 couples going on the safari together. The fourth arrives tomorrow. That was about a 35 minute delay and not a great way to remember London. We did make it to Virgin Atlantic’s club and it was great. We had something to eat and drink and then went on to catch the flight. That left in the evening and flew all night getting us to Nairobi at 9 in the morning. The beds were no more comfortable than coming from Florida, there were less movie choices and there was a 2-year-old in the seat next to me running up and down the aisle and crying until midnight. I didn’t get much sleep last. When we arrived, it took about 45 minutes to clear customs because the flight crew didn’t give us all the forms we needed. We had to get off the line, fill them out and get back on a much longer line. Then on the ride to Giraffe Manor, there was a truck broken down which held us up another 40 minutes.

Derek Dames, our guide was waiting at the airport for us and when we got to Giraffe Manor, he and his wife were waiting for us. He obviously found a better route than our driver did as he left the airport after us. Nairobi is a very large city with a with a lot of tall buildings. The road from the airport was lined with industrial facilities, all surrounded by tall fences and walls. But Giraffe Manor is not in the city, rather outside on the old Karen Blixen plantation. It is truly an amazing place with giraffes and warthogs roaming all over.

That’s it for tonight. It is 10 PM and I am running on very little sleep. Enjoy tonight’s photos.

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