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1 day…

Just one day left and we are on the way. Nancy is almost packed (I have been packed for days)  😉 It was tough, but my carry-on luggage is just under the maximum 35 pounds. Nancy’s may end up being a lot heavier with all the stuff that wouldn’t fit in my limit though.

We ran the last of the errands today, confirmed the car service and went to the bank for spending money.  All the transportation, lodging and food is already paid for so it is just for tips and any purchases we might want to make.Not a lot of credit card machines in the bush so if we want to buy anything greenbacks will be necessary.

Latest news from Kenya is a call for a national strike over high fuel costs. It is supposed to start Sunday and run for 10 days so even if it happens, it shouldn’t affect  us as we will leave Nairobi for Namanga on Saturday and won’t be back in the City until after it is due to end in 10 days.

Tonight I am going to post the last of the “old” images. After this, they will all be from the trip. This one is a Fennec Fox.

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  1. Lillian T
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 6:05 pm | #

    Notice the cozy position of the sleeping fox, try if you can, follow suit. Rest up, we want you to go, go, go once there LT

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