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3 days…

Today was focused on getting the chores done. I mowed the lawn and did other unpleasant things around the house. I also did a little packing. We got all our normal medications, the Malaria drugs and the stuff we put together to bring just in case, packed in a small carry-on bag. It is a good thing we are going now. At this rate, in another couple of years, we would need a large roll behind bag to carry the pills. It’s hell getting old…but it sure beats the alternative.

I learned today that Kenya has become a hub for smuggling illegal ivory out of Africa. The ivory is poached largely in Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi. Kenya has been doing a good job of fighting poachers and smugglers and they have one of the lowest rates of elephants lost to poachers in the world and a stable population.  They have the 4th largest elephant population in the continent at about 37,000.

Tonight’s picture is in their honor.

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