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6 days…

Two days left at work and 6 days left. We are now dealing with the small details. Nancy picked up her clothes from the seamstress. I picked up the Malaria medicine at the drug store and activated the global calling plan on her cell phone. We got her phone specifically for this trip when we upgraded the phone about 10 months ago. Verizon does not use the same cell phone system as most of the world so we needed one that was compatible with both systems. The phone she has is the only one that was not a blackberry. My iPhone is not compatible so it will be left home. Almost 3 weeks without my cell phone will be both weird and relaxing. My office won’t be able to reach me no matter what and if they somehow find Nancy’s number and call, I am going to make them pay the $5.00 per minute charge!

Tonight’s picture.

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