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8 days…

I am down to the last week of work before the vacation and trying to clean up all the loose ends so I don’t come back to multiple disasters. I am not sure it will help but I have to try. I also cleaned my desk and sent all the papers that were building up on my desk to be filed. So now my office is so clean I can’t work there, it just doesn’t feel right 😉 Most of the preparations are made for the trip and there will be just a little to do each day until it comes time to do the final packing.

So with all this free time now, I thought I would check the news and see what is going on over there. So the first thing I find is the battle between Kenya and the Somalian rebels have broken out on a new front. African warfare has now moved to cyberspace with the Kenyan Army and the Somalian rebels trading “taunts, accusations and insults” on Twitter. I guess it is cheaper than bombs and bullets. In any event, if they are fighting on Twitter and not in Nairobi, I guess our trip should be peaceful.

Tonight’s picture seems to show preparations for the holidays in the bush.

Melanie, I keep trying to find those Rhinos for you.

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  1. Sharda
    Posted December 14, 2011 at 5:23 pm | #

    Thanks for cleaning off your desk and leaving a nice pile for me :) You better bring me back something cool and unique otherwise you may not come back to such a nice clean desk :) Blackmail….gotta love it.

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