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9 days…

Just over a week to go and everything is coming together. Our guide emailed me last night and asked me to bring a couple of more things with me. I packed and weighed my camera bag today. Then I took some stuff out and weighed it again and it was finally under the maximum weight for carry on. Now I just have to pack the second carry on and keep it under 10 pounds.All that, while still getting my Macbook Pro and Wacom tablet in it. Oh yea, and a change of clothes for London and all my medications :( . Maybe I can put some stuff in Nancy’s carry on.

Tonight’s image is another one from Animal Kingdom.

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  1. Lillian T
    Posted December 14, 2011 at 4:23 pm | #

    Wow, I am really impressed the pictures are magnificent, not just good. The comments are really cool, you are going to have to publish this it is great. I am going to see Mark and I will pass it on to him, LT

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