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10 days…

We are now 10 days from leaving. But I am not going to talk about the trip tonight. I spent today participating in a Help-Portrait event. Help-Portrait is a non-profit that creates the opportunity for families that would not ordinarily be able to have a family portrait taken to get a  professional portrait. Today, photographers, make up artists, photo editors and other volunteers in 56 countries spent the day creating portraits for them. The West Palm Beach event was done for the Foster Adopted Parents Association of Palm Beach County. We set up 3 shooting areas and a great group of volunteers spent the day shooting some amazing families. Not sure how many families we actually shot, but I know I shot 11 families and a string quartet. All totaled, I photographed 55 people of all ages, shapes and sizes 😉 .Groups ranged in size from 2 ( a very active set of twin boys who had me wishing we installed seat belts in the kid size chairs we were using) to 12 that were as easy to shoot as any one I have ever photographed. ( Grandma wasn’t going to permit anything else but perfect behavior). I actually had two sets of twin boys and both were a handful.

Overall, it was a tremendous experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year. This image is that family of 12.

I will post another animal shot though to keep the trend going. Tonight’s is a Jaguar in motion.

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