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15 days…

Today we got word that one of the camps we will be staying in was changed. Our guide and his wife did a scouting trip to the northern Serengeti to check out the camp. Based on that trip, they decided to take us to Dunia instead of Olakira. So I checked the camp’s website and wow! I have stayed in hotels that aren’t as nice as these tents. Actually, most of the hotels I get stuck in aren’t as nice as these tents. Dunia Camp consists of six large  guest tents with king size beds and private verandas overlooking the Serengeti.

And (again for Melanie) they saw Rhinos near the camp!

Stepping away from the safari for a minute, tonight we had the final meeting for Help Portrait. This is a international charity that provides professional family portraits for families that would otherwise never be able to afford one. The West Palm Beach group is doing photos for foster parents and families. We will be providing make up artists, taking portraits, editing and printing them. Each family will be taking home one 8 x 10 and 2- 5 x 7 pictures. The link to the group is http://help-portrait.com/

Tonights picture is another practice shot from the Palm Beach Zoo.

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