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17 days..

We just got back in from shopping for last minute items and returning things we decided we didn’t need for the trip. The latest update we got was that we could expect the temperature to drop into the 40’s at night so Nancy and I each got a new fleece jacket and some other items to keep these Floridians from freezing to death in the wilds of Africa.

I also checked the US Embassy in Kenya’s web site. The good news is the travel warning issued after the Kenyan Army moved into Somalia has expired. The bad news is the embassy is continuing to receive  “information of potential threats directed at prominent Kenyan facilities and areas where foreigners are known to frequently congregate, such as malls and night clubs.” I guess to be safe, we will just have to skip those long nights of clubbing while on safari 😉 .

I also just realized that there is a full 8 hours time difference between Kenya and Florida. I see a very bad case of jet lag in my future.

Today’s image is again an old one from my files. Not sure where I shot it, but I think it was the National Zoo in Washington DC. I hope you enjoy it.

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