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19 Days…

I just returned home from driving from West Palm Beach to Naples and back for a meeting. It was a long day, but the company was good. I drove across with Steve O. He and I have worked together for 30 of my 31 years at KHA. It would have been all 31, but in July, 2010, Steve took a year off and traveled around the world with his wife and 11 year old daughter. One of their last stops was a safari in Kenya and Tanzania, including several of the same areas we are going to. We spent hours in the car talking about their trip. They had a great time and saw some amazing animals.

Before Steve left to travel around the world, I helped him pick out camera gear to take. I am not sure what was more fun, shopping for my new camera gear for this trip or going crazy in the camera store spending Steve’s money 😉 .

Anyway in keeping this as a photo blog, tonights image was taken a few years back at Disney. Next elephants will be in the wild.

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