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20 Days to go!

I was going to post this earlier but came home to failed hard drive. I didn’t think that it would be a big problem as it was in a Raid Array and was mirrored. Then I went looking for a new drive! It seems the Tsunami  in Thailand combined with Black Friday creates a perfect storm of sorts. The shelves at Best Buy and Office Depot were empty. I finally found 2 new drives of the right size, speed, etc. at Comp USA, plugged one in and it did not back up! I have shut it down for now to protect my remaining drive and will have to deal with it later. (Jude if your out there, call me buddy 😉 ).

So with no real time to think about the trip this evening, I am going to post another couple of practice images shot last week. The first is another Jaguar shot. Once this cat got in the water, she really didn’t seem to want to get out. She just keep wading around looking for pieces of meat that might have floated away.

This next image is of 3 Malayan Tiger cubs. The weigh about 70 pounds each and were a lot of fun to watch. Again, like the Jaguar, there won’t be any in Africa, but still good test subjects for camera and lens settings.

That’s it for tonight. I need to go and lick my wounds from failed drives and overpriced replacements that don’t seem to want to mount into the system.

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